Happy New Year - What Makes This Song Great? By Rick Beato

2019 - I’ve started the year with a big pile of books and fun ideas about how to keep creative with my music and writing!

I recently came across this FAB music channel by Rick Beato, Everything Music – and I’ve been glued to it almost every day.

It’s great to geek over as a singer and writer, and if you’re into production, then this series is really informative.

Here’s one I got stuck into this week: Alanis Morisette ‘You Oughta Know’(‘95) – What Makes This Song Great?

Highlights for me are the feedback under the vocal and being able to hear Alanis’s vocal in solo, particularly in the second verse, it’s amazing.

The intensity is so raw and ragey, full of energy from top to bottom. Pure class. I loved reflecting on the accents she uses to hit the notes as well as the chord modulations.

Also, hearing Flea and Dave Navarro’s tracks in solo is pretty cool! #jamz

What do you think? Do you like working through songs this way? Let me know!