Believer - the NEW EP

Excited to share that my NEW EP, 'Believer', will be released on September 10th and you will be able to pre-order via digital stores from 10th August.

Special thanks to my team, Garry Boyle at Slate Room Studio, Graham McLeod for the guitars and Thilo Pfander for the piano and harmonium. 

This was an easy-breezy project recorded (mostly) live and mixed mastered in just two sessions. My aim was simply to enjoy the process, singing/performing and then working to pull it all together cohesively without over thinking and allowing myself to be in the moment and appreciate what an opportunity it is to make music with people I care about, and how fortunate I am to be able to do this. 

Track listing:

▷ Ay Waukin' O (Robert Burns)
▷ I'm a Believer (Neil Diamond)
▷ Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Pete Seeger)
▷ Magpie
▷ Winter

I hope you enjoy this collection of songs - there's definitely one curveball in there ;) probably my favourite track, in the end. Isn't it funny how things work out?

Special thanks to 'RG' who has supported me beyond all measure and generosity over the last 10 years...This EP was inspired by his choice of song from my Pledge campaign last year, so it was only right to call it 'Believer'. 

We have to believe in music, in art and in the power of sharing it in our communities. 

We have to keep on making music, writing it, performing it, listening to it and connecting to each other through it. 

Forget the vanity metrics. The only data that should drive us forward with creative courage is our desire to do better - to keep going - and to be grateful that we can.

Thanks - and hopefully see you soon!

Kat xx