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"There's a fragility and vulnerability to her voice that brings with it this endearing wave of emotion that scoops you up and washes you away to a distant land of folk and romance... it's femininity encapsulated." (Sophie Porter, Female Arts UK)


Kat Healy is a singer-songwriter hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland – and a previously selected winner at the CalMac Music Awards 2016 - described as a combination of well-crafted songs, beautiful voice and delightful stage presence, “Nothing short of enchanting” (****FATEA Magazine 2014).

'Believer', is the latest EP from Kat, a charming and delicate collection of songs including a choice of delightfully arranged cover songs.

 The soaring folk arrangements swirl around Kats' candid vocal style, offering the listener an opportunity to enjoy an intimate, raw performance and a strikingly honest interpretation of the material.

The single track, 'I’m a Believer', is a playful and heartfelt approach to a catchy pop song, stripping back the high-energy and bustle of the original, and allowing the emotion and lyrics to be laid bare. In contrast, the final track, ‘Winter’, is a heart-warming piano ballad guaranteed to tug at your heart-strings, leaving your craving for the long, cold nights in front of an open fire, ready for the festive season.

 Overall, 'Believer' is a joyful listen, you are guaranteed to be gently drawn-in, left captivated by Kats' ability to sing and sound sweeter than honey.

Since her previous releases ‘When You Are Gone’ (2014), 'Wolf' (2016) and ‘Perfect’ (2017, )Healy has toured successfully throughout the UK and Europe, with a number of high profile gigs, including a debut performance at The Queens Hall in Edinburgh supporting Joshua Radin, as well as appearances at Folk Alliance International (2015), New York’s infamous Rockwood Music Hall and Belfast's The Empire. Healy has also landed several performance features on Scotland’s STV channel and BBC Radio Scotland, including a live studio session with Janice Forsyth (BBC The Janice Forsyth Show).

"A delicate, beautiful voice..." (Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales)
"Music of true beauty and considerable melodic charm..." (Folk and Roots UK)
"Kat has a gift for melody which isn’t always found in outpourings of deeply-felt emotion..." (Folking.com)
"A beautiful voice that envelopes the listener in aural honey..." (The Rock Club UK)